Now Girl Survives Insane Motorcycle Crash | ROC 2019 Crash Crazy?

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Original title: Girl Survives Insane Motorcycle Crash | ROC 2019 Crash
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Hundreds of motorcyclist met up for the biggest stunt ride of 2019. Things took a turn for the worse when one rider lost control of his bike, causing multiple other bikers to go down hard.

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ROC is one of, if not the, biggest motorcycle stunt rides you can be a part of. It stands for Ride of the Century and it takes place in St. Louis once a year. Unfortunately, ROC 2019 didn’t turn out how all had hoped and planned. Hundreds of stunters went out riding together for this annual ride. Towards the tail end of Ride of the Century 2019, multiple bikers went down, nearly losing their lives. Thankfully, all who were involved walked away alive with mostly minor injuries. The girl involved in the crash within this video is Little Bihhh. You can find her through that name on Instagram and YouTube. And the individual who owns this footage is 450Shay! You can find him through that name on Instagram and YouTube as well.
The ROC 2019 crash will forever be remembered as possibly the gnarliest one ever. Ride of the Century 2019 is in the books. Be safe out there, fellow bikers! And anyone planning on going to ROC next year…. This is an insane stunt ride. Keep that in mind. Be safe.


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