Look SAUDIA 747 Crash at Manhattan New York [System Failure] Crazy?

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About SAUDIA 747 Crash at Manhattan New York [System Failure]:

Original title: SAUDIA 747 Crash at Manhattan New York [System Failure]
Author: runsame
Video link: SAUDIA 747 Crash at Manhattan New York [System Failure]
License: Youtube / Creative Commons BY-NC
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Tags: Crazy Car Crashes, the best plane crashes ever

Video Description:

SAUDIA 747 Crash at Manhattan New York
MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Emergency Landing, Crash Landing! Plane on fire!
Engines on fire!!!
Have fun watching some crash videos.

All my plane crash videos are just simulated crashes.
Most of the shown crashes have no real background.


Real plane crashes are terrible, do not watch real crashes
just for your entertainment. This is really sick.
Better watch simulated crashes like this video here.
This here is just for entertainment.

All crashes created with:
FSX & AFS2 & XPlane 11


If you like the game (FSX), buy it, not pirate it!
If you like the game (AEROFLY FS 2), buy it, not pirate it!
Buy it at Steam.
X-Plane 11 is also available on Steam, the future of Flight Sims in 64bit!

Wish you always: Happy Flights!

FSX Info:

Flight Simulator X © Microsoft Corporation. [Above “Flight Simulator X” Video] was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Flight Simulator X, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

Intel i7 8700K @ 4,8Ghz
Asus Turbo 1080ti
Win10 64bit
256GB m.2, 256GB-SSD (FSX), 500GB-SSD YT, 2+8TB HDD

Addons used/installed [for FSX only]:
-REX 4
-FTX Global
-FTX Vector
-ENB Mod
-Flytampa St. Martin & Kai Tak
-PMDG 747-400 / PMDG 737-800 NGX
-Airbus X Extended
-Wilco Airbus Coll. 1&2
-German Airports 3
-many freeware jets/sceneries from


Addons Aerofly FS 2
– nearly all available Steam Addons

Addons X-Plane 11
– reshade
– Flight Factor A350


Enjoy the show!


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