Look BeamNG.Drive – Racing & Rally Crash Compilation #3 Crazy?

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About BeamNG.Drive – Racing & Rally Crash Compilation #3:

Original title: BeamNG.Drive – Racing & Rally Crash Compilation #3
Author: DragCarTV
Video link: BeamNG.Drive – Racing & Rally Crash Compilation #3
License: Youtube / Creative Commons BY-NC
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Tags: Crazy Car Crashes, funny rally crashes compilation

Video Description:

Enjoy watching! Hope you like the video 🙂
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Song: Jo Cohen & Sex Whales – We Are [NCS Release]

∇ Sex Whales ∇

∇ Jo Cohen ∇
∇ Used Mods ∇

► Vehicles
Onyx Runner (derby car) ⇨

► Maps
Alitdude (fog) ⇨
Bathurst ⇨
Hirochi Dragstrip ⇨
Indianapolis Motor Raceway ⇨
Laguna Seca Raceway ⇨
Sulaco Bay ⇨
Test Area 54 ⇨
Trial Mountain (Gran Turismo) ⇨

► Mods & skins
Djploppers Configurations Pack ⇨
Truck/Gavril T-series addons ⇨
Variety Mod ⇨
Recording software: Fraps
Video editing software: Adobe Premier Pro CC
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