Look 1992 Winston 500 Jimmy Spencer Crash | NR2003 Reenactment Crazy?

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About 1992 Winston 500 Jimmy Spencer Crash | NR2003 Reenactment:

Original title: 1992 Winston 500 Jimmy Spencer Crash | NR2003 Reenactment
Author: CodyHGaming
Video link: 1992 Winston 500 Jimmy Spencer Crash | NR2003 Reenactment
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Tags: Crazy Car Crashes, biggest nascar crashes

Video Description:

Hey everyone! Here is my reenactment of Jimmy Spencer’s major air he caught during the 1992 Winston 500 at Talladega SuperSpeedway in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series! If you have any suggestions for future videos let me know down in the comments below. Please give the video a like if you enjoyed it & don’t forget to subscribe, thanks for watching! #NASCAR #Talladega

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Series: 1992 NASCAR Winston Cup Series (Cup90_cup)
Track: Talladega SuperSpeedway (Talladega_1993)

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